2011-2012 Elder Panthers Junior Varsity Wrestling
Date Opponent Time H/A Location Elder
Place Game Details
11/26/2011 scrimmage 10:00am H        
12/3/2011 Lakota East Trn. 10:00am A Lakota East High School     3rd of  17  Shane Smith and Jonathan Baggett were Tournament Champs. Brent Gribbins, Jake Brunner, and Nick Marsh finished third. 
12/10/2011 Oak Hills 5:00pm A 54  12     
12/15/2011 Lakota West 5:00pm H 32  23     
12/17/2011 Piqua Trn. 9:00am A     1st of  7  Place-winners were: Conor McCullough (2nd), Gian Salamone (1st), Nick Taylor (1st), Ryan Wilbur (3rd), Michael Nusekabel (1st), Jake Brunner (2nd), PJ Meyer (2nd), Savion Truitt (2nd), Dylan Gilreth (1st), Austin Kibler (2nd), and Nick Marsh (1st) 
12/28/2011 Oak Hills Trn. 9:00am A Oak Hills     2nd of  17  Placing for Elder were Gian Salamone (2nd), Ryan Wilbur (3rd), Nathan Schrieber (3rd), Jonathan Baggett (2nd), Savion Truitt (2nd), Dylan Gilreath (1st), and Brian Kelly (4th) 
1/5/2012 Colerain 5:00pm H        
1/20/2012 Purcell Marian Trn. 5:00pm A Purcell Marian     1st of  12   
1/21/2012 Purcell Marian Trn. 10:00am A Purcell Marian     1st of  12  PJ Meyer and Casey Mulligan were tournament champions. Finishing runners-up were Steven Hericks, Nick Taylor, and Jake Brunner. Third place finishers were Gian Salamone, Ryan Wilbur, Nathan McClanahan, and Savion Truitt.
Matt Fuhr finished 4th.
1/26/2012 Harrison 5:00pm H        
1/28/2012 Lebanon 10:00am H        
1/28/2012 Oak Hills 10:00am H        
1/28/2012 Harrison 10:00am H        
2/1/2012 Sycamore 5:00pm H        
2/3/2012 Moeller 5:00pm H        
2/10/2012 G.C.L. Trn. 5:00pm A Moeller High School        
Totals:         86 Pts.
(2 Games)
35 Pts.
(2 Games)
Averages:         43 PPG 17.5 PPG    
Record:  59 Wins, 3 Losses

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